I am new at blogging, although I think I have spent my whole life trying to make sure that the people I love — that includes everyone reading this page — are healthy and happy.  And my concern for them extends to our fellow creatures on this planet and the planet itself.

Sometimes we forget that we have a responsibility to treat ourselves lovingly, and that starts with the thoughts we think and the words we say — but most tangibly with the substances we take in to nourish ourselves.  The choices we make here are crucial to the lives we and others lead.

I’ve happily coached people about the diet part of their lifestyles for almost four decades, along with teaching cooking classes, speaking to groups, and writing cookbooks. I intend for my new blog to keep us, and our growing community, inspired to choose a plant-based whole foods diet for all the right reasons. It tastes delicious! Join me weekly for the latest diet and health news, recipes, and updates on cooking classes, talks and events.

Here’s to your health and happiness!, Meredith



  1. Dear Meredith, I love your new Blog! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to making so many incredible contributions on our beautiful blue-green planet. I use all that I’ve learned from you each and every day to make the best food choices I possibly can. I can’t begin to express how helpful this information is! Not only do I enjoy what I eat, I also know that I’m doing everything I can to promote my health and well being. That is SO huge!! Thank you for being an inspiring teacher and a fabulous human being. I’m looking forward to reading your next post soon! Best wishes for a happy new year!! Kati

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